Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Cookie Jam Cheats

The Latest Cookie Jam Cheats for Both Android and IOS devices

More Coins and Lives for Everyone!

Well hello stranger πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘€, welcome to cookie jam cheats this is our brand new fresh website. We aim to bring you the latest and greatest cookie jam tips and tricks available to date. If you a big fan of this addictive game then this sure as hell is going to be the place your wanting to look first.

Wait, what who are you?

We are a games cheat site, the main focus of this site is to provide you the user the chance to get far on cookie jam. We know how frustrating things can be when playing the game. Espcially when it comes to obtaining more lives and coins. We don't expect you to pay for in game currecny, we don't do it either. 

Cookie jam cheats is the name of our site and we are a unique time of game coders. Our main aim is to provide you the gamer with the cheats you require. Sometimes we go one stop further and create special unique tools, in this case we created our cookie jam cheat tool to help people obtain more coins for free. 

So if this is something you into then please do read on.

πŸ’ͺWhat are we offering you ✌

Well, here at Cookie Jam Cheats, we are offering you a chance to get further in the game in a shorter amount of time. No longer will you need to wait for your lives to heal, or wait fays to accumulate a huge amount of coins. Put your credit card away, we don't charge for our services. Just keep reading and follow the instructions to get the best working cookie jam cheats online.

We tend to keep things fast paced here and aim to get you on your way in no time. So instead of sharngour awesome cookie jam cheat tool right here, well your going to have to visit our main site. Alot of people ask us why do we do it this way. Well this is free hosting so it's easier to setup, where as the main site is more expensive and can't be filled with as much content. Hence the reason for jumping ships every now and then.

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